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Inner Peace SimplifiedInner Peace Simplified

Do you feel like you don’t really know who you are apart from society’s labels? Do you wonder why you’re never content for very long—no matter who is in your life or how much you accomplish? Most people feel this way because they learned to settle for far less than they deserve.

What if you discovered you have untapped resources to dispel your negative thought patterns? What if you understood exactly how to stop allowing your circumstances to dictate your moods?

How much better would you feel then?

People from all walks of life talk about a balanced mind, body, and spirit being the key to fulfillment. Inner Peace Simplified doesn’t just, “talk the talk.” It walks you through the three essential steps to exchange your self-limiting thoughts for the unlimited potential you’ve had inside yourself all along.

A bonus audio file works in conjunction with my book’s premise to promote lasting contentment. These transformative meditations are designed to replace your temporary anxiety remedies with the permanent high of attaining spiritual levels of consciousness on earth as it is in heaven.